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About Us:

The Hong Ray Production Company, situated in Taichung County, Taiwan, with the former name of Chyuan Yus Enterprise Company, has accumulated more than 20 years of experience in handling nylon waste. With an enthusiastic endeavor for making continuous improvements and technical innovations, Hong Ray has managed to produce recycled nylon materials of exceptional quality and stability more than a thousand tons per annum on average. Steady Quality has always been our dedicated pursuance.

Recycling industrial nylon waste and nylon fishnets not only makes good use of waste resources but also cuts down on environmental pollution and the amount of refuse, in which we contribute our endeavor to protect mother earth.

With a steady pace, Hong Ray Production Company continues to serve the community with devotion.

Our Professionalism
1. General nylon material for injection.
2. Composite nylon material for injection
3. Recycled nylon 6, 6/6.
4. Nylon plus glass fiber.
5. Low-temperature/Super-toughened nylon

With a professional attitude, strict screening, and continued R&D, we produce raw materials of stable quality that suit our customers’ requirements.

Technical Advantages
• Advanced Technology: Our Nylon Recycling, Re-producing and Re-using know-how has reached the most advanced level in the industry.
• Comprehensive Technology: We encompass the majority of nylon applications.
• Excellent service capability: we possess the ability to assist customers to choose materials.